Kickoff 2019


This morning our team met up with other teams from the area at Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School in Marlborough, MA for the 2019 FRC Kickoff Event. We started the morning with two breakout classes around topics like safety, programming, team leadership, and much more.


During the live stream of Kickoff 2019 we waited in anticipation for the game animation and field reveal. The water teaser got a large crowd reaction, but (spoiler alert) there is not water in the game this year. Destination: Deep Space has a new feature to the game and field that our returning members were surprised about: the sandstorm. This eliminated the required autonomous period at the beginning of each match. If you are interested in watching the Game Animation, click here.

Once we finished watching the live stream, we picked up the Kit of Parts and returned to Worcester Academy to begin strategizing about the new game. While we were working, we ordered some delicious pizza to eat for lunch. Then we spent the next few hours discussing various possible designs, mechanisms, and point scoring strategies for this years game.

About WA Robotics

The robotics team from Worcester Academy in Worcester, MA.