Build Week 2

As our second week of the 2019 build season is drawing to a close, we can look back and see how much progress our team has made in one week.


We have started to work on getting our electronics board together and some motors attached to the chassis for our vertical mechanism. We are excited to see how enthusiastically all members are embracing all parts of the build experience.


As the field elements are coming together, team members are signing underneath to make their personal mark on the team this year.


We have also started attaching our electronics board to the vertical mechanism. The sooner we get the electronics and the build done, the sooner our programmers can begin working with the robot.


As the building continues in the main robotics lab, the programmers are in a common work space collaborating and working on getting the base line program ready for the more specific programming that will take place once the bot is built.


This week we have also introduced a daily rotating snack schedule. Team members can sign up to bring a snack to share on a specific day. Today Amelia was excited about the CapriSun, Oreos, and ChipsAhoy that were brought for snack.


Our new battery has also begun to find it’s place on the robot as the moving mechanism begins to join the chassis, vertical mechanism, and the electronics board.

Looking towards next week we hope to get the bumper material ordered and finish the field elements. We are also designing the team merch for the season, and communicating with new potential sponsors for our season.

About WA Robotics

The robotics team from Worcester Academy in Worcester, MA.